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Bill is Board Certified by : (W.I.C.E.R ), World Institute of Cognitive Exploration and Reiki (ABH) American Board of Hypnotherapy (I.A.C.T), International Association of Counselors and Therapists, NLP Certified.

Bill began his formal training while in the U. S. Navy, stationed at the Bainbridge Recruit Training Command in Bainbridge MD. There he worked under the tutelage of Bill Smith (no relation) a certified hypnotist and fellow Navy man, who was charged with teaching pregnant Navy wives Painless Natural Childbirth through hypnosis. This was six months of intense one-on-one training, which Bill credits as the foundation for his hypnosis studies. Bill’s mentor gave him a list of books which he felt would greatly enrich his understanding of hypnosis. Over the years, Bill studied these and many other works on hypnosis and related subjects. While residing in NJ., from 1974-1981, he was enrolled with the Silva Mind Control Foundation, later known as the Silva method, He undertook in and successfully completed every course they offered. Read more . . .